Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are a great way to spend the weekend shopping for organic foods while supporting your local farmers. The food at the farmers market is grown at family farms withing the city or state and are usually organic and not subject to the pesticides that big grocers use on some of their produce. Also, becuase they are locally grown some of the items are a lot less expensive than the big stores making it a better buy for the consumer.

It is very important to support these farmers because in many cases they do not have the large marketing budgets that the local supermarkets and big box stores have. When you purchase from a farmers market you actually support local small business as well. Keeping these businesses alive is a way that you can keep your money flowing within our community and build the local market place. We have listed some of the local farmers markets for you to visit and browse through as you help them to make a positive impact in our commuity


Yellow Green Farmers

3080 Sheridan St. Hollywood

Dania Beach Patch

1201 W Dania Beach Blvd 

The Friends Farmers

3080 Sheridan St Hollywood

Brothers Farmers Market

6871 Stirling Rd Davie

Southwest Ranches

5150 S Flamingo Rd